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Transformational retreat 



1 - 14 APRIL 2024
"Sea Adventures and Spiritual Wellness: Retreat at Sea Banda"


Yoga will help you become flexible and energetic. You will receive a new body capable of an active life.


Free diving will allow you to enter your inner world. You will learn the secrets of diving. Those who dive deeper than 12 meters will receive a certificate. All participants are covered by insurance.


The Maluku archipelago is the pearl of Indonesia, famous for its rich history, beautiful beaches and amazing underwater world. Each island in the archipelago is like a piece of heavenly paradise, where you can enjoy privacy and tranquility, far from the bustle of city life..


Daily evening meditation for 30 - 40 minutes will calm your mind and help restore inner peace and harmony. You will learn the basic techniques and be able to continue the classes on your own.






Konstantin Filipenko: Your personal trainer and mentor in the world of freediving**

**About the trainer:**
Konstantin Filipenko is an outstanding certified freediving instructor, accredited by the Molchanov School since 2016. With a deep understanding of the discipline and rich international experience, Konstantin offers training for beginners and advanced athletes (wave levels 1-3).

**Professional path:**
Konstantin honed his unique methods and approaches while working in Cyprus, Russia, and Indonesia, demonstrating outstanding results both in training and in his own sporting achievements. His personal best freediving depth is an impressive 54 meters.

**Achievements and experience:**
In addition, Konstantin is a professional underwater videographer, which allows him not only to capture the underwater world in all its glory, but also to analyze students’ swimming techniques from a unique point of view. More than 40 years of experience working with groups and individual clients, as well as teaching more than 250 students, confirm his high qualifications and the effectiveness of his methods.

**Personalized training:**
Konstantin offers personal training programs including running, swimming, kayaking, and cycling. The duration of classes varies from 2 to 8 hours, adapting to the individual needs and goals of each student.

**Learning Approach:**
Konstantin’s approach to teaching is based on a deep understanding of the needs of each student, the desire to develop not only physical, but also mental skills necessary to achieve harmony with water and oneself.

Contact Konstantin Filipenko to discover the world of freediving, improve your athletic performance and experience an unforgettable underwater adventure.

The story of Dmitry Vasiliev

​Kostya, hello! With great excitement I want to share my impressions of an unforgettable trip, which became a real adventure and opened up a completely new world for me. It was something magical and transformative that changed my outlook on life and expanded the boundaries of what was possible. My dream of learning to swim freely underwater and explore the underwater world always seemed out of reach to me. But everything changed when I saw your ad about traveling to the islands of Ambon and Banda. I immediately felt that this was my chance, and I was not mistaken. The islands of Ambon and Banda struck me not only with their natural beauty, but also with a unique combination of cultures, where mosques and Protestant churches are located side by side, creating a special atmosphere of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. We visited ancient forts built by the British in the 16th century to protect against the Spaniards. These fortresses, surrounded by tropical vegetation and breathing history, left an indelible mark on my soul. I was especially impressed by the island of Run, which in the 17th century was exchanged by the British for the island of Manhattan, which at that time belonged to the Dutch. This historical fact reminded me of how changeable and unpredictable history can be, and how important it is to appreciate every moment of our lives. But the main discovery for me was the underwater world. The purity and transparency of the water, allowing me to see tens of meters deep, opened the door to a completely different dimension for me. Living next to a coral reef, where steps lead straight from the house on the water, became a real fairy tale for me. Diving along the vertical wall of a coral reef, starting just one and a half meters from the surface, became my daily adventure. Thanks to you, Kostya, I not only learned to dive, but also acquired the skill of moving in three-dimensional space under water, which became a source of incredible pleasure for me. Freediving is now an integral part of my life, bringing me joy and a feeling of complete harmony with the world around me. Thank you for this unique experience, for the opportunity to discover new horizons and take a fresh look at the world. This journey not only gave me new knowledge and skills, but also inspired me to further self-development and exploration of myself and the world around me. Diving into the underwater world taught me not only how to breathe underwater, but also the importance of preserving this unique ecosystem for future generations. Every time I dived among the corals and met the eyes of the sea inhabitants, I realized how fragile and at the same time strong this world is. You, Kostya, not only taught me freediving techniques, you opened the door to a world where every dive is a story, every breath under water is life, and every exhalation is an opportunity to see the invisible. You showed how important it is to be able to find harmony not only with the world around you, but also with yourself. This journey became a kind of meditation for me, allowing me to better understand and accept myself. Having learned to overcome my own fears and limitations underwater, I felt how much I had changed internally. This feeling of freedom and flight that freediving gives cannot be compared with anything else. Now, when returning to everyday life, I try to apply the lessons learned and transfer this harmony and confidence into everyday activities. Freediving has taught me to be more collected, calm and focused, which is incredibly important in my current activities and projects. Thank you, Kostya, for this invaluable experience, for your wisdom and patience, for sharing this wonderful world with me. I hope that I can continue to practice freediving and further explore its vast depths, discovering new horizons and opportunities. With respect and gratitude, Dmitry.

This is the story of Julia, whose journey of transformation began in enchanting Ambon and became an inspiring example of profound change. She shares her impressions: “My journey to change was not just exploring new possibilities; it was a complete immersion in a world where every day is filled with discoveries. Seeing noticeable changes in my figure was exciting, but realizing how internal fears disappeared became for me a real discovery. Now my figure is slim and toned, and my self-perception has changed dramatically. The retreat marked the beginning of my new life, a radical revision of eating habits and the formation of a new lifestyle. Training has become not just a routine, but a way of life, where every movement helps to reveal my "The inner potential is even stronger. I want to express my deep gratitude to Konstantin for the inspiration to regain my youth and health, as well as for expanding my horizons!

The story of Yulia Belinskaya



Kusto Banda 3.jpg

🌊✨ **Discover the underwater paradise of the Banda Neira Islands** ✨🌊 Friends, we present to your attention a unique place on Earth, which the famous explorer Yves Jacques-Yves Cousteau called “the best place in the world for diving.” The Banda Neira Islands, hidden in the heart of the Banda Sea, Indonesia, await you to show off the incomparable beauty of their underwater kingdoms. We are pleased to invite you to our retreat, where you can not only enjoy the magic of these islands, but also immerse yourself in the world of diving, following the recommendations of Cousteau himself. Our retreat offers a unique program that combines spiritual development and active recreation, including immersions in some of the most picturesque places on the planet. 🐠🌺 Blooming coral gardens, dancing schools of tropical fish and mysterious underwater landscapes that you could only dream of before await you underwater. This is a place where every dive reveals something new and incredible, creating unforgettable memories. 🌴🌞 Join us on this exciting adventure to explore the underwater world of the Banda Neira Islands and allow yourself to live the unique experience that inspired the great Cousteau. This is your chance to see the world through the eyes of a legendary explorer and discover the wonders hidden beneath the waves. 📅 **Retreat date:** April 1-14, 2024 📍 **Venue:** Banda Neira Islands, Indonesia Spaces are limited, so don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this unique experience. For reservations and more information contact us.

The famous explorer Yves Jacques Cousteau called these islands “the best place in the world for diving.”


"Hello everyone, my name is Andrey. At the age of 29, I faced a number of problems: I loved to eat well and never turned down a beer, constantly felt tired, slept for 10-12 hours, and still woke up feeling wrecked. I sought help from doctors, but aside from draining my wallet, nothing changed. Then I found my way to Konstantin’s retreat in Ambon, which radically transformed my life.

Konstantin amazed me with his flexibility, energy, and endurance from day one. On the 9th day of the program, I felt an incredible surge of strength and vitality that I hadn’t felt in a long time. My sleep reduced to 6-7 hours, but now I woke up full of energy and strength.

After the retreat, I decided to completely change my lifestyle: I revisited my diet, began actively engaging in sports. And the changes didn’t take long to manifest. New colors appeared in my life: a wonderful woman came into my life, we became parents to a lovely daughter. An unstoppable flow of energy awakened in me, which I directed towards developing new business ventures.

I sincerely recommend to anyone seeking change to attend Konstantin’s retreat. It’s not just a journey to a better version of yourself; it’s a chance to turn a new page in your life. Believe me, after his program, your life will not be the same. Don’t miss your chance!"

The story of Andrey Ryazantsev

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