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Transformational retreat 


Sen, 01 Apr


Collin Beach Hotel


VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR LIFE Transform Your Life: Invitation to an Exclusive Wellness Retreat

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Time & Location

01 Apr 2024, 05.00 – 15 Apr 2024, 14.00

Collin Beach Hotel, Teluk Ambon, Kota Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia


About the event

**🌊 Ambon Tour-Retreat: Immersion into Wild Nature and Yoga 🧘‍♂️**

Course: "The path to a healthy lifestyle: from recovery to revival"

Module 1: Introduction to Healthy Living

Learning Objectives: Understand the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being.

Real Life Examples: The Story of a Leading Course Transformation.

Activities: Creating an individual health plan.

Discussions: What obstacles prevent you from leading a healthy lifestyle?

Extension of learning: Reading articles about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Video script: A story about personal experience of overcoming diseases through lifestyle changes.

Module 2: Nutrition and Raw Food Diet

Learning Objectives: To become familiar with the principles of a raw food diet and its impact on health.

Real Life Examples: Transformation through a raw food diet.

Activities: Planning a raw food menu for the week.

Discussions: How has changing your diet affected your well-being?

Extension of learning: Exploring scientific papers on raw food diets.

Video script: Explaining the science behind the raw food diet and its benefits.

Module 3: Physical Activity and Training

Learning objectives: Mastering various types of physical activity to improve health.

Real life examples: Presenter's training plan.

Activities: Development of an individual training plan.

Discussions: What types of physical activity do you enjoy most?

Expanding Training: Learning techniques to increase endurance and strength.

Video script: Demonstration of basic exercises and their execution techniques.

Module 4: Yoga and Meditation

Learning Objectives: Understand the effects of yoga and meditation on physical and mental health.

Real life examples: The presenter’s personal experience with yoga and meditation.

Activities: Mastering basic yoga asanas and meditation techniques.

Discussions: How do yoga and meditation affect your well-being?

Expanding Learning: Examining scientific research on the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Video script: Instructions for performing basic asanas and meditative practices.

Module 5: Extreme Sports and Outdoor Activities

Learning objectives: Introduction to extreme sports as a means of improving physical fitness and mental state.

Examples from real life: Experience of the presenter in kayaking, freediving.

Activities: Planning active recreation taking into account new hobbies.

Discussions: How does extreme sports affect your life?

Extension of training: Learning safety techniques and preparation for extreme sports.

Video script: A story about personal achievements in extreme sports and their significance.

Module 6: Self-development project

Learning objectives: Apply acquired knowledge and skills to develop a comprehensive self-development plan.

Real life examples: Examples of successful self-development of past retreat participants.

Activities: Creating a personalized health and self-development plan.

Discussions: What changes are you planning to make in your lifestyle?

Expanding learning: Making a plan for regular self-assessments and goal adjustments.

Video script: Step-by-step guide to creating an individual self-development plan.

**Dates:** April 1-14, 2024.

**👤 Your Guide and Instructor:** A certified freediving instructor, yoga and meditation expert since 2005, a raw food enthusiast since 2014. A professional in law, information security, cryptocurrency, and management. My mission is to share knowledge and experience of a healthy lifestyle with the younger generation.

**🧘🏻‍♂️ What You Will Learn:**

- Unique yoga and meditation techniques.

- Basics of freediving and safe immersion.

- Healthy eating practices and raw foodism.

**🏞 What Awaits You:**

- **Active Walks and Yoga:** Refresh your body and soul against picturesque landscapes.

- **Freediving and Meditation:** Explore the mesmerizing underwater world and find inner harmony.

- **A Unique Experience:** Immersive dive into pristine nature, untouched landscapes, and local culture.

**💰 Cost:** $1200.

- **Included in the cost:** Accommodation, island transfers, boat rentals for diving, training sessions, freediving course, breakfasts.

- **Not included:** Flights to and from Ambon, meals except for breakfasts.

**🏝 Adventures and Discoveries:**

- **Treasure Hunting:** Join our secret guide on a hunt for pirate treasures.

- **Seram Island Reserve:** Encounter unique flora and fauna.

**📸 Photos:** Check out some of our adventure moments [here](

**📍 Location:** [Ambon on the Map](

💬 **Join Us!** Leave a "+" in the comments to confirm your participation or to ask questions.

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    Hotel in Ambon

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    Hotel in Ambon
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